Dear Dean,

I hope this finds you well.

I just want to thank you for all your kindness, time and patience with me and with Gidon during and after his surgery and his recent illness. I am happy to tell you that he is doing quite well, thank God. he still has fluid around his heart and his left lung is still not fully functioning, but he looks very good and feels very well.

It was so kind of you to translate the diet sheets into English so that I could be sure to follow it carefully for him. I particularly appreciate your going to see him the day he telephoned me from his hospital bed, saying that he did not feel well. He always says that he's fine, even when clearly he is not feeling fine. He had called me to say he felt most unwell and that there was nobody available to see to him. He sounded very worried! Consequently, I was in a panic, which is why I bothered you. With the dimished hospital crew over Pesach, they were obviously very busy. I am grateful to you for checking him.

By the time I was able to reach him from Zichron Yaakov, he was feeling a little better and I was very much relieved.

It is helpful for people like us to be able to talk with someone we trust under such tense circumstances. It's all the more helpful that you are so kind and that you made yourself available to look in on him and to reassure me.

with much appreciation and warmest regards,

Vivienne Tankus





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